Episode 3:  Murray Kessler, Perrigo

We’re going to do what’s right for society. We are not going to do what’s best for profits.
Murray Kessler, CEO & President of Perrigo shares his experience leading during the Covid-19 crisis.

Odds are you’ve purchased a Perrigo product and likely haven’t realized it. With the mission to “make life better by bringing quality affordable self-care products that consumers trust everywhere they are sold,” Perrigo is the leading provider of numerous health and wellness solutions, producing over half of the US supply of Acetaminophen alone. This past year, they’ve proactively chosen to lean into what their employees and society needed – enacting swift safety protocols, providing mental health resources to team members, and producing and giving away half a million bottles of hand sanitizer to high-need areas. 

In episode three of our Leadership Learning Series: Extraordinary Achievers, Extraordinary Times, you have the unique opportunity to hear from three-time CEO, Murray Kessler. While this past year has impacted the two organizations he leads – Perrigo and the US Equestrian Federation – in vastly different ways, he has attacked the challenges with a similar approach – remaining steadfast on a clear vision and doing the right thing. As you watch and listen, we encourage you to take notes and think about the key ideas that you learned and things you can put into practice personally and with your people.