I consider my attending Dr. Bell’s classes and then the Roundtable as a major turning point in my career. Fortunately, I was able to get to know Dr. Bell and experience the Roundtable early in my career (I was in my late 20’s). Those experiences really helped me understand what I needed to do/change to be successful. I would recommend Dr. Bell and the Roundtable to anyone who wants to make the transition from a manager to a leader.

The Leader’s Roundtable

A Master Class in Leadership for Senior Executives

Build World-Class Leaders

The Leader’s Roundtable is an advanced leadership development program designed to assist CEOs, presidents, and senior executives in becoming world-class leaders.The year-long Roundtable is personally led by Dr. Gerald D. Bell, a master teacher with over 50 years of successful, in-depth experience building leaders. During the course of The Leader’s Roundtable, Dr. Bell will teach you how to build your personal leadership effectiveness and your company’s bottom line.

Dr. Bell has devoted his life to the mission of creating world-class leaders. The expertise and knowledge he has gained from his research and work with CEOs and senior leaders will provide you with advanced, effective solutions to your leadership challenges. As an author, speaker, trainer, and consultant to leading business organizations, Dr. Bell has influenced thousands through his powerful insights and teachings.

Gain the Benefits

One of the many benefits of The Leader’s Roundtable membership is that your company is entitled to a company-wide 20% discount when sending any associate to any of our Leadership Mastery SeriesTM seminars in Chapel Hill.

  • Enrollment consists of a small, exclusive group of leaders from diverse, non-competing industries who meet 12 days throughout the year in Chapel Hill, NC.
  • Members exchange ideas, questions, and perspectives within a trusted, confidential setting.
  • Discussions include current business cases presented by members; the cases are then analyzed and action plans developed using key leadership concepts.
  • Members prepare custom-designed prework assignments for each session.
  • Private one-on-one coaching is available to members.
  • Members of The Leader’s Roundtable agree to total confidentiality to promote and encourage openness and trust during their sessions.
  • Graduates of The Leader’s Roundtable return to Chapel Hill for an annual alumni program to further their development and build their relationships with other top leaders.

Dr. Bell’s work has been used by an astounding 500,000 leaders in more than 5,000 organizations and in over 50 countries. Organizations such as the Young Presidents Organization and the Chief Executives Organization call on him again and again for his practical, thought-provoking delivery.Over the years, thousands have enrolled in Dr. Bell’s open programs held in Chapel Hill or sought his services for company programs, master classes and executive retreats.For additional information on Dr. Bell’s background, please visit Our Bell Leaders.

If you or one of your key executives would like to apply for The Leader’s Roundtable or need additional information, please e-mail Amy Hagen, contact her via phone at (919) 967-7904, or fill out the online application.

Annual tuition for The Leader’s Roundtable is $14,750, billed quarterly. It includes all program materials, continental breakfast, and lunch each day.

Achievers seminar is the prerequisite for The Leader’s Roundtable.