Leader’s Roundtable

Dr. Bell has drawn upon his many years of cross-industry experience to create The Leader’s Roundtable:  A Master Class in Leadership for Senior Executives.  This unique and exclusive program is specifically designed to assist CEOs, presidents, and senior officers in further developing their leadership skills. World-class leaders create world-class businesses. 

Selected members represent an experienced group of leaders from a diverse group of industries. The Leader’s Roundtable provides a rare professional opportunity to work with and learn from a group of peers outside your particular business or industry. You will study proven leadership best practices with relevant business cases to facilitate problem solving and action planning. The Leader’s Roundtable environment allows you to share ideas, questions and perspectives in a confidential setting with peers who understand the weight of your daily responsibilities.

The year-long Leader’s Roundtable is an executive leadership development program personally designed by Dr. Gerald D. Bell to assist C-suite and senior executives in becoming world-class leaders. The Leader’s Roundtable will teach you how to build your personal leadership effectiveness so that you can lead others successfully to grow your business. In today’s environment of constant, rapid changes, increasing demand for immediate access to products and services, and unprecedented visibility coupled with external scrutiny, business agility is more important than ever. Investing in yourself and your leadership skills by assessing not only where you are, but who you are, yields the highest returns and will set your company in the right direction. 

Roundtable Highlights:

  • 1 Year of Exclusive Training
  • Engagement with other C-Suite Executives
  • Case Study Lessons & Discussions
  • Problem Solving Support
  • A Lasting Network of Peers

Meet Francis Pomerleau from Pomerleau, Inc.

Find out about his experience as a member of the Leader’s Roundtable.


I consider my attending Dr. Bell’s classes and then the Roundtable as a major turning point in my career. Fortunately, I was able to get to know Dr. Bell and experience the Roundtable early in my career (I was in my late 20’s). Those experiences really helped me understand what I needed to do/change to be successful. I would recommend Dr. Bell and the Roundtable to anyone who wants to make the transition from a manager to a leader.

Jeffrey Owens

President, Advanced Technology Services