Kinzler Construction Facilitates Bell Leadership’s Achievers Licensed Program

Bell Leadership Institute applauds Brian Schwartze for leading his first Achievers program as a Certified Facilitator at Kinzler Construction Services in Ankeny, Iowa. 

Brian’s initial facilitation of the Achievers Licensed Program was well-received by his peers. One participant described his most important take-away from the program as, “I identified the behaviors that I need to maximize and minimize to become a better person/leader.” 

Bell Leadership Trainer Bill Sanford supported Brian and the participants throughout the three days, and remarked on Brian’s commitment to the program. “Brian’s devotion to Kinzler, to his associates, and to the tools and concepts in Achievers was plain to see throughout the three-day seminar. He went to great lengths to create a powerful, life-changing experience, and it really paid off. They engaged deeply with the material and one another, and left energized and ready to apply all that they had learned.” 

Kinzler Construction Services is a leading provider of construction supplies and services to commercial, residential and agricultural builders and homeowners. With locations across America’s heartland, Kinzler is committed to being experts on the latest building-science technologies, continuously improving value for their clients. Their work makes a positive impact in the comfort, efficiency and sustainability of homes and businesses. 

Bell Leadership Licensed Programs are a convenient and cost-effective solution for bringing effective leadership to all levels of your organization. Bell Leadership programs currently available for licensing are Achievers, Great Leaders, Advanced Communication, and Change Leadership. To learn more and to discuss licensing your company, please contact us at (919) 967-7904.