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Chapel Hill, NC – November 19, 2020 – Bell Leadership Institute, a global leader in executive education and development that helps organizations develop leadership mastery, has launched “Extraordinary Achievers, Extraordinary Times,” a new six-episode video and audio learning series that is now available via the Bell Leadership Institute website.

“Extraordinary Achievers, Extraordinary Times” is a fascinating and intimate look back at what has been a challenging year for businesses.  The series captures six successful organizational leaders as they share their leadership experiences and learnings from 2020 with Dr. Gerald D. Bell, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and founder/CEO of Bell Leadership Institute. Dr. Bell said, “Our true personalities come out under pressure and stress. Covid-19 is an extraordinary experiment that was dumped on our tables and has put leaders and organizations to the test to learn how they lead in a crisis.” Dr. Bell continues, “So I thought it would be helpful to select a series of people that we have worked with who have been extraordinary, built outstanding careers and been extremely successful even during this unprecedented year.”

Dr. Bell has devoted his life to the mission of building world-class leaders. His passion for learning coupled with his ability to carefully listen, supportively question and genuinely care for others has proven to be a successful formula for his more than 50 years of research on leadership. This incredible body of work with CEOs and senior leaders from a myriad of industries fuels Bell Leadership Institute’s expertise and knowledge.  The depth of this research provides leadership expertise to clients through the Bell Leadership Achiever Model and best methods for the most effective leadership processes in the world. Dr. Gerald Bell stated, “The best way to lead by example is to become the example you want others to be.  Here are six good ones!”

Each approximately 30-minute interview explores the unique beginnings of each company and leader, the leadership team’s reaction on March 15, 2020, when Covid-19 hit and the initial economic impact occurred, as well as the practices, examples and learnings they have taken away from their experiences. The first interview with VIETRI Co-Founder and CEO, Susan Gravely, is available today with five more to be shared in the coming weeks.

Reflective of the Bell Leadership mission, to help people develop their personal effectiveness and leadership skills to contribute to humankind, this video series is Bell Leadership’s gift to all leaders.      Dr. Bell’s sincere hope is that this series highlights the most effective leadership practices during times of crisis, provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your own leadership and is a source of inspiration as you close out this unprecedented year. He recommends that when you watch or listen to the series that you think about:

  • How you feel about each leader personally and how they seem to affect people.
  • Does the leader seem excited about what they are doing?
  • How much does the leader believe in their practice?
  • How much do they believe in their organization and their mission, vision and core values?

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