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Bell Leadership Institute Promotes Achiever Amy Hagen

Amy Hagen Demonstrates Bell Leadership’s Commitment to Client Success  Chapel Hill, NC – May 16, 2019 – The Bell Leadership Institute, a global leader in leadership training and executive education that helps organizations develop leadership mastery, announces the promotion of … Continue reading

Celebrating a Year with Ellen Hayon

Bell Leadership is delighted to celebrate Ellen’s first year with the team! As Manager, Programs & Services Ellen oversees all aspects of our Open Enrollment seminars and plays a key role in our business development. She goes above and beyond … Continue reading

Bell Leadership Expands Regional Programs with Advanced Communication in Chicago in 2019

Chapel Hill, NC – November 9, 2018 – Bell Leadership Institute, a global leader in leadership training and executive development, is bringing their Advanced Communication program from the Bell Leadership Mastery SeriesTM to Chicago, Illinois, on June 25-27, 2018, in … Continue reading

A Week in Review…

This week we went coast to coast with our leadership training and ended with a surprise for one of our teammates!! Take a look: DR. BELL – Executive Coaching in Chapel Hill, NC and Executive Communication in Raleigh, NC ELIZABETH GULLEDGE – … Continue reading

Dr. Gerald D. Bell Will Present at CMAA 2019 World Conference and Club Business Expo

Dr. Gerald D. Bell, Founder and CEO of Bell Leadership Institute, will present at the 2019 CMAA World Conference and Business Expo in Nashville, TN, with keynote speakers Kirk Herbtreit, Cooper Manning, Colonel Nicole Malachowski, Scott Hamilton and Sara Robb O’Hagan. Dr. Bell … Continue reading

Who Is on Your Team?

What was the last team you were on that performed at a high level? Everyone has a story about a high-performing team.  The experience is palatable – you remember your specific role, the leader, how the team communicated, how the … Continue reading

Turn Your 2019 Resolutions into Results

Tis the season for hope and optimism as companies, families, and individuals reflect on the previous year and embark on setting their own personal and professional New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps it’s the newness of the unknown, or the clarity that … Continue reading

Jon Player Will Present at SHRM 2019 Talent Conference & Exposition with Keynote Speaker Ginger Hardage, Formerly of Southwest Airlines

Chapel Hill, NC – December 13, 2018 Jon Player, leadership trainer, speaker and executive coach at Bell Leadership Institute, will present at the SHRM 2019 Talent Conference & Exposition in Nashville, TN, with keynote speaker Ginger Hardage, former Senior Vice President of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines. Jon Player will present … Continue reading

Strengthen Relationships by Confronting Problems More Effectively

Conflicts are a part of our daily lives. A colleague may say something in a meeting that isn’t aligned with your thinking. Your significant other may want to schedule a dinner with friends when you’d prefer to go to the … Continue reading

Building a Better Organization with Time Management 

All around us, people are busy. Employees multi-task in meetings – frequently distracted by technology. Leaders often fail to listen because of excessive commitments. Office calendars get packed tightly through the day leaving little room to think. Travelers squeeze in … Continue reading