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Dr. Gerald Bell Leads Advanced Achievement Leadership with JWH Group

Dr. Gerald Bell, Founder and CEO of Bell Leadership Institute, led a customized one-day Advanced Achievement Leadership program with JWH Group in Perth, Australia. Key leaders from the company came together to explore the topics of personal leadership skills, advanced communications, and building your team for performance. … Continue reading

Bell Leadership Institute Announces Bill Sanford as Speaker at ATD and SoCal Chapters 2017 Regional Conference

Bill Sanford, a leadership trainer and speaker at Bell Leadership Institute, will present at ATD and SoCal Chapters 2017 Regional Conference. Sanford will address the audience on Peak Performance: Achieving Great Results in a Complex Life. In this session, participants will learn advanced strategies and practical, … Continue reading

Dr. Gulledge Continues Leadership Development Series with Attebury Grain

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge led a two-day customized Advanced Communication program with Attebury Grain in Amarillo, Texas. This is the third program that Attebury Grain has requested with Dr. Gulledge this year. The first two on-site programs were customized versions of Achievers and Job Design.  Dr. Gulledge led team members through an advanced … Continue reading

Bell Leadership Institute Announces a Partnership With The Hill Center

Chapel Hill, NC – September 14 – Bell Leadership Institute, a recognized leader in leadership training and executive development with headquarters in Chapel Hill, NC, is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Hill Center of Durham, NC. The Hill Center has been empowering students with learning differences … Continue reading

MacAllister Machinery Brings Bell Leadership’s Achievers Program In-house

Bell Leadership Institute applauds Kyle Metcalfe for facilitating his fourth Achievers program in just one year of becoming an official Certified Facilitator for MacAllister Machinery of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Kyle received extremely positive reviews for each of the programs he led. As one colleague remarked, “Kyle is an excellent facilitator for this program. He is … Continue reading

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge Leads Job Design with Attebury Grain

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge led a three-day customized Job Design program for Attebury Grain in Amarillo, TX. Attebury Grain is one of the top five multiple facility grain companies in North America. This program was a follow-up to the Achievers program that Dr. Gulledge led alongside Dr. Bell. Dr. Gulledge met with Attebury’s senior leadership team, and guided them through an exploration of the company’s … Continue reading

Dr. Gerald Bell Leads Peak Performance and Complex Lives with Rural King

Dr. Gerald Bell, Founder and CEO of Bell Leadership Institute, led a customized two-day Peak Performance and Complex Lives program with Rural King Supply at the Allerton Park and Retreat Center in Monticello, Illinois. Senior executives came together with their significant others to explore the topic of maintaining peak … Continue reading

Dr. Dana Lebo and Bill Sanford Work with Alex. Brown on Strategic Planning

Dr. Dana Lebo and Bill Sanford conducted a customized two-day Strategic Planning program with Alex. Brown.  The first day was held at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC, and the second day was held at the Graylyn International Conference Center in Winston-Salem, NC.   Participants responded well to Dr. Lebo’s positive leadership.  As … Continue reading

Bell Leadership Institute Taking Applications for 25th Year of the Leader’s Roundtable

Chapel Hill, NC – July 11, 2017 – Bell Leadership Institute, a recognized leader in leadership training and executive development, is now accepting applications for the 2018 Leader’s Roundtable. Next year marks a quarter-century of The Leader’s Roundtable, an elite members-only group. Dr. Gerald … Continue reading

Extraco Banks Brings Bell Leadership’s Achievers Program In-house

Bell Leadership Institute congratulates Alex Eichenberg on leading his first Achievers program as a Certified Facilitator at Extraco Banks in Waco, TX. Alex received excellent feedback for his facilitation of the program. One participant remarked, “Alex’s enthusiasm was contagious from the very start. I thought he did an excellent job.” Another … Continue reading