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Dr. Gerald Bell and Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge Conduct Advanced Leadership and Mastery Building On-Site Program with Heartland Dental

 Dr. Gerald Bell and Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge led 160 of Heartland Dental’s team members through an Advanced Leadership and Mastery Building on-site program at the company’s headquarters in Effingham, Illinois. Participants learned principles for how to live at peak performance and maintain personal effectiveness and positivity, both in … Continue reading

Bell Leadership Announces Dallas and Chicago as 2018 Regional Achievers Locations

Bell Leadership Institute, a global leader in leadership training and executive development, is bringing their cornerstone Achievers program from the Bell Leadership Mastery Series™ to Dallas, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois, in response to growing demand. The first three-day Achievers program to be held in Dallas, TX, is scheduled for May 15-17, 2018. The second annual … Continue reading

Extraco Banks Learns to Build Great Leaders with Trainer Bill Sanford

Bill Sanford led 26 leaders from Extraco Banks through a three-day Great Leaders seminar in Waco, Texas. Participants received 360-degree feedback, learned how to execute the three main responsibilities of a leader, and built skills to work effectively with others by applying advanced concepts introduced in the Achievers program. Extraco has been working with Bell Leadership Institute for two decades, while Bill Sanford has consulted closely … Continue reading

Dr. Gulledge Builds Atlantic Marine Leadership with Achievers Refresher Program

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge led a one-day Achievers Refresher program with senior leaders from Atlantic Marine in Wilmington, North Carolina. Participants reviewed key principles learned in the Achievers program they attended previously.  Dr. Gulledge received several “10” ratings for her delivery of the program. Her direct, reflective approach infused with … Continue reading

Bill Sanford Facilitates Advanced Achievement Leadership with Students of A.T. Still University’s Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health

Bill Sanford led a one-day Advanced Achievement Leadership program with third- and fourth-year students from A.T. Still University’s Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ATSU-MOSDOH). Students explored the three essential skillsets for both personal and professional success; the best practices and behavior patterns of the world’s most effective leaders; the six main … Continue reading

Dr. Gulledge Leads Strategic Planning and Job Design with Lorama Group, Inc.

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge led a two-day customized Strategic Planning and Job Design program with Lorama Group in Ontario, Canada. This program allowed participants to enhance communication and build alignment, set goals and solve programs, build their team, and master the job design process that is part of the … Continue reading

Bill Sanford Leads Achievers On-Site with Ply Gem Industries

Bill Sanford led an Achievers on-site program with Ply Gem Industries in Cary, NC. Ply Gem has supported over 150 of their staff members to participate in Bell Leadership programs over the last several years, establishing a culture of building the lives of their employees to better … Continue reading

Dr. Gulledge Continues Leadership Development Series with Attebury Grain, Focusing on Selecting Achievers

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge led her fourth training program this year with Attebury Grain, focusing on Selecting Achievers. The first three programs were customized versions of Achievers, Job Design, and Advanced Communication. This program was broken down into three crucial steps, including: training the selection team at Attebury Grain, installing the Selecting Achievers System, and Selecting Achievers skill … Continue reading

Bell Leadership Institute Celebrates 45th Anniversary, Dr. Bell Honored by UNC

Chapel Hill, NC – October 5, 2017 – Bell Leadership Institute, a recognized leader in leadership training and executive development, celebrates its 45th anniversary. This milestone is being marked through many areas of development. The company just announced an expansion of its hallmark Achievers program to regional locations outside of Chapel Hill, … Continue reading

Leader’s Roundtable Alumni Gather in Chapel Hill for the Bell Leader’s Roundtable Mastery Program

Bell Leadership Institute hosted their annual Bell Leader’s Roundtable Mastery program at the Carolina Inn, in Chapel Hill, NC. A group of alumni members from The Leader’s Roundtable came together for a day to recommit their efforts in becoming better leaders in their families, organizations and communities.   Dr. Gerald Bell spoke with members … Continue reading