Our mission is to help people develop their personal effectiveness and leadership skills to contribute to humankind.

Dr. Gerald D. Bell


A recognized leader in executive education and development, Bell Leadership Institute has helped organizations develop leadership mastery through its programs and services since 1972. Our training programs are built on Dr. Gerald D. Bell’s Four Laws of Leadership and have been used:

  • By more than 500,000 leaders
  • By more than 4,700 organizations
  • In over 30 countries

We design programs focused on practical, take-home actions for your specific needs and culture to give you an insightful, practical, and powerful learning experience. Bell Leadership Institute offers proven answers to all of your organization’s training and development needs through:

  • Keynote Speeches
  • The Leader’s Roundtable
  • Open-Enrollment Programs
  • Customized On-Site Programs
  • Executive Retreats
  • Train-the-Trainer Programs
  • Assessment Tools
  • Master Classes
  • Leadership Coaching

Leadership Makes The Difference

We focus on:

  • Individuals – To develop each person’s talents to lead and to produce effective results in their projects and relationships.
  • Businesses and Organizations – To develop the skills of the leaders who create and administer the world’s businesses and organizations.
  • Families – To enrich people’s abilities to create caring and effective relationships among family members and friends.
  • Communities – To advance the leadership and communication skills of individuals, organizations, teams, and families so people will prosper and their lives will be more fulfilling.