Elizabeth Gulledge, PH.D.
Leadership Trainer and Speaker
  • M.A. in International Relations and International Business, and Ph.D. in Organizational Theory from University of St. Andrews in the United Kingdom
  • B.A. in Political Science from Duke University
  • Visiting scholar at the Center for Public Policy and Management at Duke University

With expertise and positivity, Elizabeth brings a deep understanding and knowledge of the complex challenges of leadership. She draws on international experience as an analyst, speaker and published author to help organizations create innovative solutions. Her ability to engage and connect on a deep level guides people to develop the self-awareness, commitment and vision necessary to deliver lasting results. She has worked with FORTUNE 500 companies in the entertainment, media and tech industries in Edinburgh, London, Frankfurt and New York to identify blind-spots and overcome roadblocks.

Prior to becoming a leadership trainer and speaker, she taught organizational development and strategic management at the leading business schools in Europe. Elizabeth has been published in numerous business and management publications and has presented at the major international conferences in those fields.

She is a North Carolina native and loves to compete for steps with the Bell Leadership team, who all received FitBits from Dr. Bell to encourage good health.