No.  The data will be in our record.  If you used an ID and password, simply go to our website,, and sign in again.  It should pick up where you last saved your responses.  If you do not have an ID and password, contact the Testing Manager for assistance.

Some email accounts, especially personal accounts (AOL, Earthlink, Hotmail), block our email.  We have alternate instructions that we can send you to forward to your associate(s).  Simply let us know when you are having a problem.

We keep a record of user names and passwords.  Contact the Testing Manager and she can give it to you.

The time varies from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your pace and the survey you are completing.

No.  All you need is access to the internet.  Each participant is assigned a unique survey code that can be used to access the survey from our website,  This code is in your “getting started” email, or contact the Testing Manager for the code.

Contact the Testing Manager, Monday through Friday.  If she is not available, ask for Amy Hagen.

We recommend that ten associates participate.  We do accept more than ten, but no fewer than three evaluations.  You can find complete information and suggestions on whom to invite on the Associate Invitations page in your account.

Yes.  Go online and select your associate or self-evaluation before the deadline date to make changes, or contact the Testing Manager for assistance.

We always try to accommodate our clients’ needs.  Contact the Testing Manager to see what can be done.

We do not link identities in any way to the data we receive.  The information is processed and presented in a confidential manner.  The Strengths and Weaknesses are randomly sorted into one document.