Our Fall Curriculum Bundle


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Build yourself twice – pick 2 for you.
Bring a friend or colleague – attend together.
Attend 1 of your choice; send a colleague to 1 of their choice.



Perfect for team leaders, emerging leaders and high potentials. This seminar will assess your impact as a leader, enhance your effectiveness and shape your action plan to lead and influence others.

Great Leaders**, October 8, 9 & 10
The Great Leaders seminar picks up where you left off in Achievers
TM changing the focus from you as an individual to relating and working with others. Learn to build your influence and achieve great results.


A powerful framework for understanding, addressing and leading change in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner. You will gain the tools to lead effective change initiatives, large or small.

Leaders routinely remark that the volume of tasks and appointments in their day limits their effectiveness, productivity and focus. Spending more time working isn’t the solution; professionals need advanced tools to manage complexity and achieve more, while caring for their health and lives.

Select great people by hiring smart. This seminar offers a proven, powerful framework for attracting, developing and retaining great people. Learn to implement key techniques to hire AchieversTM and ensure their success.


*The Fall Curriculum Bundle applies to only the five Fall 2019 seminars listed above and new registrations starting September 15, 2019.

**AchieversTM is a pre-requisite for Great Leaders. AchieversTM is not eligible as part of the Fall Curriculum Bundle.