Dr. Gulledge Presents Onsite Achievers Program for Wyzant at the University Club of Chicago

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge led a 2-day Achievers™ Onsite program for Wyzant at the University Club of Chicago in Illinois. Wyzant was referred to Bell Leadership Institute by another client who has worked with Dr. Gulledge extensively, and highly recommended her for leadership enhancement training.

As is par for the course for Dr. Gulledge, participants responded well to both her presentation style and the content of the program. Drew Geant, CEO and Co-founder of Wyzant, explained, “Dr. Gulledge’s engaging training style was well received by the senior management team which helped us accomplish our goal of refining our leadership skills to benefit the Company as a whole.”

Wyzant is a digital marketplace that connects students and independent tutors with one another and facilitates that interaction. Co-founded in 2005 by two Princeton graduates, Wyzant is the first of its kind, developing several best-in-class products that bring students and instructors together, both online and in-person. With over 300 subjects, 1,000,000 lessons taught, and 80,000 quality instructors, Wyzant is dedicated to moving individualized learning forward.

Whether Achievers is presented as a Custom Onsite, Open Enrollment, Regional or Licensed program, participants always walk away with a one-of-a-kind experience that causes them to reflect deeply on themselves and their behaviors. To learn more and find out how Dr. Gulledge can best work with your team, contact Amy Hagen at (919) 967-7904.