Dr. Gulledge Delivers Leadership Program to Leaders of Citrix

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge delivered a program on Leadership and Communication to over 40 leaders of Citrix Solutions at their office in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. The program was offered as part of Citrix’s Women’s Informal Network (WIN) Leadership Series. Co-directors Caroline Long and Leah Wilking introduced WIN to the Raleigh office of Citrix with the goal of building a community that celebrates success and supports learning.  Dr. Gulledge presented Bell Leadership’s key communication strategies designed to increase effectiveness in listening, delivery, and confrontation.  Congratulations to the great leaders of WIN Citrix for having grown a group that has had such a far reaching impact.

Thank you Elizabeth, it was a pleasure to not only learn this from you but to now in turn actually live this out.  I was able to listen and communicate clearly from my core I left the meeting empowered and charged with excitement.  I am looking forward to more classes from Bell Leadership.”
Amy Pittman
Account Development, Select Markets

I want to say thank you.  You are absolutely right in that we can get lost in the day to day noise of what is going on and what needs to be done that we miss opportunities to build genuine and authentic relationships with those around us.  Taking a few moments to refocus, ask questions, and dive a little deeper really goes a long way in the relationships we build but also in general attitude for the day and the tasks that follow.”
Rebecca West
Associate Project Manager, Sales Operations

Thanks for presenting to us. The content you presented and the behaviors you encouraged us to practice align well with some of the things I’m trying to do personally around clarity, awareness, and focus.  I feel that I have been able to make connections between people, activities, cause and effect much more quickly not only to words, but also to body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.”
Chanel Chambers


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