Dr. Gerald D. Bell Celebrates Dorothy Lane Market’s Commitment to World-Class Customer Service

April 2014 – Dr. Gerald D. Bell presents a day-long program on World-Class Customer Service to 80-plus members of the management team at Dorothy Lane Market (DLM).   DLM prides itself on its mission to make their customers happy by providing Honestly Better® food and service–every time.

DLM is a family-owned and operated company of three well-known gourmet supermarkets located in and around Dayton, Ohio.  The stores offer all the staples with an emphasis on healthy and specialty foods. The company has been recognized for great food and service in national publications as well, including The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Gourmet RetailerNorman Mayne, CEO of Dorothy Lane Market, is the father of six children, the oldest being Calvin Mayne, Vice President of Dorothy Lane Market. Norman and Calvin both grew up working in the grocery business with their fathers, stacking apples, sweeping the floor, and so on. Over the years, they have developed a love for good food, having been exposed to foods from all over, including Europe and Asia. Their favorite part of the job is finding and selling (as well as eating!) the exceptional foods found at Dorothy Lane Market.

Picture: (left to right) Calvin Mayne, Jeannie Andrews, Norman Mayne, Chimene Ross, and Dr. Bell