Dr. Gerald Bell and Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge Conduct Advanced Leadership and Mastery Building On-Site Program with Heartland Dental

 Dr. Gerald Bell and Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge led 160 of Heartland Dental’s team members through an Advanced Leadership and Mastery Building on-site program at the company’s headquarters in Effingham, Illinois. Participants learned principles for how to live at peak performance and maintain personal effectiveness and positivity, both in and out of the workplace.

Dr. Bell and Dr. Gulledge modeled the principle of “having more fun” by helping Heartland celebrate its 20th anniversary. Popular tunes from 1997 were played during program breaks, and Heartland provided pictures of team members from 20 years ago. Participants responded with enthusiasm to the trainers’ engaging delivery. One Heartland team member noted, “I thought the day flowed very well and went by quickly. I enjoyed Dr. Bell’s sense of humor. He is very down to earth and easy to relate to.” Zara Thomas remarked, “Fantastic class! Thank you for supporting and loving our company the way you do!”

Heartland Dental was founded by Dr. Richard Workman. It is the leading dental support organization in the United States. Heartland Dental supports affiliated dentists and team members by offering continuing professional education and leadership training along with a variety of non-clinical administrative services including staffing, human relations, procurement, administration, financial, marketing and information technology. Heartland’s mission is to support dentists and their teams as they deliver the highest quality dental care and experiences to the communities they serve while providing exceptional careers and creating value for their stakeholders.

For over a decade, Bell Leadership Institute has worked closely with Heartland Dental, building over 2,000 of their leaders and contributing to the organization’s success. Bell Leadership’s trainers are available to begin a new relationship with your company, and would delight in discussing how we can meet your company’s needs. Our trainers are available to deliver Custom Programs and Keynote Presentations on a variety of leadership topics for your company. Please contact Amy Hagen at (919) 967-7904 for scheduling and fees.