Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge Leads Job Design with Attebury Grain

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge led a three-day customized Job Design program for Attebury Grain in Amarillo, TX. Attebury Grain is one of the top five multiple facility grain companies in North America. This program was a follow-up to the Achievers program that Dr. Gulledge led alongside Dr. Bell.

Dr. Gulledge met with Attebury’s senior leadership team, and guided them through an exploration of the company’s external environment, opportunities for growth, and top priorities for the coming year. As a result, the executive team is primed to lead their company with a clear vision of the company’s goals for growth and improved effectiveness.

Attebury Grain, LLC, founded in 1954, is based in Amarillo, TX and serves producers, consumers, and other trading companies. The company has over sixty facilities in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Every company can profit from taking a deep look at its primary objectives and external environment. Dr. Gulledge is available to masterfully guide your executive team through this critical first step towards leading your company in the right direction. She is also available to deliver On-Site Programs from the Leadership Mastery SeriesTM and Keynote Presentations on a variety of leadership topics for your company. Please contact Amy Hagen at (919) 967-7904 for scheduling and fees.