Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge Leads Advanced Leadership Development with Artizan Biosciences

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge led a two-day customized Advanced Leadership Development program for Artizan Biosciences in New Haven, CT. The Board of Directors joined forces with team members on the first morning of the program to develop the mission for Artizan, a biotech company whose promising research will restore health and wellbeing to millions of people.

As a start-up company comprised of brilliant, industrious scientists from Yale University, Artizan is a technically-savvy team. Dr. Gulledge enjoyed the opportunity to take these team members to the next level of their development by mastering advanced skills in leadership. The program was designed to build a solid foundation for great teamwork as they launch their company and develop a clear mission, vision, and set of values as a group.

As Stacy Ryu explained, “I wanted to thank you for your amazing team building session! I had such a great time, and it’s definitely made a big impact on my relationship with everyone at Artizan. I was able to self-reflect, learn how to better communicate, and became much more comfortable with everyone in such a natural way. It’s been a while since I laughed so much! I do believe that we have an amazing team of people – very giving, considerate, respectful and fun! – but you definitely brought it out of everyone. I loved, loved, loved it so much!!!”

Artizan Biosciences is developing a platform for identifying and targeting pathogenic intestinal bacteria, with a focus on inflammatory bowel disease and potential applications in autoimmune diseases, obesity, skin, lung and central nervous system diseases. Artizan was incorporated in 2016 and has operations in New Haven, CT and Durham, NC.

Whether your company is a start-up developing a brand-new mission, or an experienced team of executives looking for a fresh perspective on your company’s vision, Dr. Gulledge is available to masterfully guide your team towards reaching its goals. Dr. Gulledge can deliver On-Site Programs from the Leadership Mastery SeriesTM and Keynote Presentations on many leadership topics for your company. Please contact Amy Hagen at (919) 967-7904 for scheduling and fees.