Dr. Bradley Vaughn and Judith Hinderliter Scheduled to Speak at Bell Leadership’s Upcoming Peak Performance and Complex Lives Seminar.


With DR. GERALD D. BELL in CHAPEL HILL, NC on July 16, 17 & 18

Do you feel pulled by the demands of your career, family, friends, and other obligations? You are not alone. Most people have created their own particular systems of managing their time and themselves, resulting from their own unique personality patterns, life histories and work situations. However, few people ever study advanced methods and techniques to help them to leverage their performance at a significantly higher level. The significance of time management problems – the lack of time and the need for more – of it never goes away. The higher your job, the greater your need is for significant skills to manage yourself and your time.

In the upcoming Peak Performance and Complex Lives seminar, Dr. Gerald D. Bell will present techniques for optimizing your personal and professional performance.


  • Raise your level of effectiveness and performance and, thus, increase your profits by 10 to 20 percent, using a few simple advanced time management techniques.
  • Bring greater clarity, focus and purpose into your life every day.
  • Create a life plan that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Manage stress to prevent and cure burnout.
  • Solve complex problems.

Before attending, you will complete the new Bell Peak Performance Profile, an online, 360-degree assessment designed to evaluate your patterns of health and effectiveness in the different domains of your life. These insights are compiled in a comprehensive, confidential report to help you build an action plan for achieving and maintaining your highest level of performance and productivity.

Many of our clients feel that this is the perfect program to attend with a significant other. This session is a great investment in your life together and your family’s future. Partners attending together will receive 50% off the second tuition.

Special presentations featured by:

  • Judy Hinderliter, Registered Dietitian and nutritional counselor at UNC’s Wellness Center and The Carolina Clinic.
  • Dr. Bradley Vaughn of UNC’s Sleep Disorders Center, a nationally recognized leader in the area of sleep medicine.

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