Over the past ten plus years, Dr. Bell and his wonderful staff have tremendously influenced the growth of Extraco's Learning Leadership Culture. His work and leadership principals have allowed us to cultivate a culture that consistently raises the bar for personal excellence and teamwork, and brings passion to our mission to touch the lives of our customers, employees, and enrich our communities.

Custom On-Site

Practical Actions Designed for Your Specific Needs

Maximize Your Organization’s Resources with Proven Techniques

Developing effective leaders and teams is crucial for maximizing your organization’s resources and producing world-class results. One of the best ways for your team to meet and surpass its goals and objectives is to participate in a custom-designed program.

We are delighted to invite you to hold your next conference at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC, or a location of your choice. When you call on Bell Leadership to design and lead your company meeting, you are tapping into more than 40 years of experience with senior leaders and their teams.

Our work draws on Dr. Gerald D. Bell’s in-depth studies of the best companies and leaders in the world and proven techniques for increasing your bottom line. We design programs focused on practical, take-home actions for your specific needs.Dr. Bell or one of Bell Leadership’s highly-qualified trainers will tailor your next meeting to reach your organizational goals and those of the participants.

Custom Programs are Recommended to:

  • Enhance Communication and Build Alignment: Provide an ideal forum for senior leaders to discuss issues and concerns, offer new information, and receive useful feedback without the interruptions and internal disturbances that often accompany on-site meetings.
  • Set Goals and Solve Problems: We will work with you to determine your company’s goals and objectives and to create an implementation plan.You will find it much easier to develop innovative solutions and overcome long-time obstacles when you are coached by a master teacher and given time to reflect outside of your normal environment.
  • Develop Company Leaders: Effective leaders build committed followers who produce at peak levels of performance and have a passion for their jobs. We will help you build the leaders who will build your business.
  • Build Your Teams: Whether you are building the skills of a new team or increasing the effectiveness of an existing team, we can help your group overcome any interpersonal barriers to maximize productivity and personal satisfaction.

Please e-mail Amy Hagen, contact her via phone at (919) 967-7904, or complete an information request form to schedule your team’s custom program with one of our qualified trainers. Fees vary.