Bell Leadership Assessment Tools 

Qualitative Feedback to Improve Your Results 


Catalyst for Change

Receiving honest and qualitative feedback is a catalyst for individuals and organizations to make significant improvement in their performance. Knowledge of yourself and how others perceive you equips you with the information needed to drive remarkable change. Leaders who strive for personal mastery influence people’s lives positively and significantly increase the company’s bottom line.  


Expertly Designed and Processed

Bell Leadership designs, manages and administers all surveys and assessment tools through an online platform. The participant is the only person who receives the results. Each survey adheres to three foundational requirements:

  1. Research-based design
  2. Confidential processing
  3. Applicable results 

Enhances Your Program Experience
Surveys play an integral role in several Bell Leadership programs. In addition to obtaining new information and insights through program content, you are provided with individualized feedback to increase your understanding of what is learned. Before you participate in a program, you will complete a self-assessment to begin thinking deeply about the subject matter and ask others to assess you with the same questionnaire. During the program, the feedback provides a benchmark for analysis and supplements the coursework to encourage self-reflection and individualized application. After the program, insights from your survey results provide context for setting goals for personal development. 


Standardized and Custom Assessments Available

Just like individuals, organizations often struggle to find honest and timely information about their performance as an operational entity. In addition to our standardized assessments, Bell Leadership designs and administers custom surveys with a breakdown of results to help companies target areas of concern. These surveys can be used in conjunction with a customized program by one of our qualified trainers or as a standalone assessment tool.