I have been able to effectively apply the six core competencies in my daily routines with a conscious effort to reduce my extreme behaviors. The feedback from the survey was an eye opener and enough of an education to get me to change my approach every single day.

Assessment Surveys

Improve Your Results

As leaders, minor flaws in your skills and your personalities multiply into major flaws in companies. Your skills and those of your key leaders influence the people with whom you work. If you can build your skills to be five percent more effective every day, you can influence hundreds of people’s lives and significantly increase your company’s bottom line.  Dr. Gerald D. Bell has created assessment tools to assist individuals and organizations in reaching world-class levels.

All of our testing materials and results are confidential.  We work with you to establish a manageable timeline, including distribution and completion target dates.  We email assessment materials with detailed instructions for distribution, and we manage the logistics.  The questionnaire responses are returned electronically to our office for confidential processing.

Each tool may be used in conjunction with our open-enrollment seminars and/or on-site programs conducted by one of our trainers.

In addition to our standardized technologies, we can also design surveys with a breakdown of results to help companies target areas of concern or cultural components. These surveys can be used in conjunction with a customized program by one of our qualified trainers or as a standalone technology.