Organizational Health Survey

Do you know how your employees feel about their jobs and the company?

The Organizational Health Survey will provide you with the information you need to improve employee productivity, satisfaction, and commitment. The survey gives you an accurate understanding of perceived morale, ethics, and opportunity for personal growth in your organization.

The Organizational Health Survey allows your organization to evaluate:

  • Overall job satisfaction.
  • Communication within the company.
  • Empowering participation in decision making.
  • Morale, teamwork, and effectiveness.
  • Work design, ethics, and equality of opportunity.
  • Training and career opportunities.
  • Your Selection process.

By using the Organizational Health Survey, you can measure the Achiever culture within your organization, as well as discover the root causes of employee dissatisfaction.  Survey results may be focused on specific work groups, departments, and/or shifts.  Your customized company report accurately pinpoints those areas where your company excels and those needing attention.  We help you identify solutions to maximize your employees’ productivity, satisfaction, and company commitment.