Bell Personality Profile (BPP)

The Bell Personality Profile (BPP) is a powerful 360-degree assessment. It is designed to provide insight into your leadership style from a variety of viewpoints, including your own and those of the colleagues, supervisors, friends and family who know you well.

The BPP is unique compared to other 360-degree assessments because it provides feedback within the framework of Bell Leadership’s Achiever Model™. Participants receive feedback on how their personality patterns compare to the six most effective and the six least effective leadership styles in the world. Additionally, the BPP examines eight dimensions of leadership, including:

  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Goal Setting
  • Style of Humor
  • Listening
  • Responding to Mistakes
  • Responding to Stress
  • Motivation

What can I expect from the results?

Grounded in 50 years of research and built by 300,000 participants to date, the BPP identifies an individual’s patterns of leadership behavior. In addition to numerical scores for each personality pattern represented on the Achiever Model™, participants receive narrative feedback from associates to supplement the statistical information.

Used in conjunction with Achievers™, Great Leaders and custom programs, the BPP is a valuable, practical resource for helping participants build an action plan to improve their leadership behaviors. Many participants choose to receive results from the BPP more than once so that they can measure their personal progress in leadership development.

The nearly unanimous feedback from leaders who have taken the Bell Personality Profile is that it is one of the most profitable things they have ever done. Great leaders know themselves extremely well. The BPP’s results-oriented feedback is the key to building leadership mastery and increasing success.