Bell Personality Profile


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Based on more than 40 years of research, experience, and application, Dr. Gerald D. Bell and the Bell Leadership Institute have developed the Bell Personality Profile, an assessment tool designed to evaluate your leadership style.  The Profile is based on the behavior patterns of the best and worst leaders in the world.

Your Bell Personality Profile results will tell you how you and your key associates see your behavior as compared to the best and worst leaders in the nine key dimensions, including:

  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Goal Setting
  • Style of Humor
  • General Styles
  • Listening
  • Responding to Mistakes
  • Responding to Stress
  • Motivation

To what degree do you possess the six “best leader” behavior patterns and/or the six “worst leader” patterns? Are you more of an Entrepreneur (best leader) or a Performer (worst leader)? A Team Builder or a Pleaser? A Producer or a Commander?

The nearly unanimous feedback from leaders who have taken the Bell Personality Profile is that it is one of the most profitable things they have ever done. One of the challenges of a great leader is to know yourself extremely well. The Profile’s practical, results-oriented feedback is the key to building your leadership mastery, increasing your professional/personal success, and improving your company’s profitability.

All materials are handled confidentially. You are the only person who will receive your results.

This survey is used in conjunction with custom programs and our Achievers I and Achievers II seminars.