Congratulations to the 2017 Leader's Roundtable Graduates

Bell Leadership Institute congratulates members of the 2017 Leader’s Roundtable on their completion of 12 days of training in Chapel Hill, NC. Our trainers Dr. Gerald D. Bell, Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge, Dr. Dana LeboJon Player and Bill Sanford enjoyed developing relationships with each member during in-depth, highly-participatory and fun learning experiences surrounding the theme of, “Think Like a Leader.” 

With 24 members in the 24th year of the Leader’s Roundtable, Dr. Bell led an exploration through key concepts and proven methods from several Leadership Mastery Series™ programs, such as Advanced Communication, The Leader’s Job, Change Leadership, and Selecting Achievers. 

The Leader’s Roundtable leads to positive changes for its participants, including Jeff Corey of Oberweis Dairy, who shared the following sentiments: “While I don’t frequently like to speak for everyone, I feel confident that each individual would share in my thanks to Dr. Bell and would agree that meeting Dr. Bell, the trainers, and each other, has already made and will continue to make profound differences in our lives. Each day of my life, I am committed to being even just a little bit better than I was the day prior. Particularly now that I know better, it is my duty to do better. I’ve been blessed in my life to come across and befriend my “moral compass”, I am now privileged to have met and learned from my “achiever compass” – and there is no value that can be assigned to that. My life will be profoundly better for having attended the 2017 Roundtable.” 

Bell Leadership commends every member for investing in themselves during this year-long program, and for taking actions to further their development as they return to their daily lives of building people and building businesses. We see great results for all of you in 2018! 

Please contact Amy Hagen at 919.967.7904 or complete an online application to apply for 2018 Leader’s Roundtable.