Brooks Bell Partners with Dr. Gulledge on Strategic Planning

Dr. Elizabeth Gulledge facilitated a series of strategic planning session with the senior leadership team at Brooks Bell to prepare for 2017.  The group began the first two-day session with an analysis of external environment and identified the top priorities for creating the most effective and profitable strategic plan for building the company to a world-class level. The second two-day session included an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, discussion of the vision and mission, as well as Bell Leadership’s job design process, in which leaders developed their individual goals for 2017 in line with the company goals.


Brooks Bell, founded in 2003 and located in Raleigh, NC, offers testing, optimization, and personalization services. Brooks Bell’s services help companies develop optimization programs and deepen their understanding of their customers, which in turn increases conversions and drives ROI.

Dr. Gulledge delivers On-Site Programs from the Leadership Mastery SeriesTM and Keynote Presentations on many leadership topics. Please contact Amy Hagen at (919) 967-7904 for scheduling and fees.