Bill Sanford Teaches Selecting Achievers Onsite Program

Bell Leadership trainer and speaker Bill Sanford recently led a two-day Selecting Achievers seminar with 26 participants in Illinois. Selecting Achievers offers a proven, powerful framework for attracting, developing and retaining great people. Participants learned a suite of techniques and concepts to evaluate candidates and find successful and productive members for their teams.

Several team members remarked that the questioning process for interviewing candidates was the most valuable aspect of the course, and also commended Bill on his presentation style. One participant said, “Never once did I get bored or tired. I thought that was amazing. Bill was the best I have ever seen and I really enjoyed every minute of it.” A colleague added, “I loved the class, and the instructor was great. I want more Bell training!!”

Over the course of his career, Bill has used his expertise in leadership development and conflict resolution to build leaders, teams and organizations in a wide range of industries – from construction, manufacturing, healthcare and higher education, to agriculture, athletics, finance and technology. Bill Sanford is available to deliver On-Site Programs from the Leadership Mastery Series™ and Keynote Presentations on a variety of leadership topics. To learn more and find out how Bill can best work with your company, please contact Amy Hagen at (919) 967-7904.