Bill Sanford Leads Achievers for United Displaycraft

Bill Sanford led an Achievers program for United Displaycraft in Chicago, IL with support from Bell Leadership Institute’s newest trainer, Jon Player. With guidance from the trainers and feedback from their Bell Personality Profile, participants learned how to develop their skill sets to better lead themselves, others, their teams and their organization.

Participants expressed enthusiasm for the program, with one noting, “I found the seminar to be inspiring, motivating and life-changing.” Another participant remarked on the clear and engaging style of Bell Leadership Institute’s trainers: “Bill did a great job and was excellent in his delivery of the content. Jon was also very helpful and knowledgeable when answering questions throughout the seminar.”

For over 60 years, United Displaycraft has been developing creative retail solutions that inspire shoppers, delivering those solutions through unsurpassed manufacturing capabilities that have made United Displaycraft a trusted in-store partner for the world’s biggest brands.

Bill Sanford and Jon Player are available to deliver Custom On-Site Programs from the Leadership Mastery SeriesTM for your company. Please contact Amy Hagen at (919) 967-7904.