Bell Leadership Unveils New Website in Response to Surge in Face-to-Face Training

Chapel Hill, NC – April 10, 2013 – While leadership training is often one of the first items to be cut when companies experience budget shortfalls, Bell Leadership Institute, a recognized leader in executive education and development, is witnessing a different trend altogether. In the aftermath of the economic downturn, Bell’s Achievers I seminar, an intensive, face-to-face, three-day program which requires participants to undergo a rigorous 360⁰ feedback process on their personal leadership effectiveness, has experienced a steady climb in enrollment – a 50% increase since 2009. In fact, the company had to expand and retool its website to keep up with the surge in enrollment.

“Companies that make investing in people their number-one priority continue to send employees to Achievers through good times and bad,” says Dr. Gerald D. Bell, founder and CEO of Bell Leadership since 1972. They recognize it is their leadership that will guide the business through the challenges of a tough economy. The skills required to navigate adversity are developed in experiential settings where people personally connect with each other and solve problems together – the kind of face-to-face learning and interaction that is hard to create through online training.   

As the number of companies investing in Bell Leadership training grows, so does the evidence that building leaders affects a company’s bottom line.  According to a 2012 study by the Boston Consulting Group and World Federation of People Management Associations, a major distinction of the highest performing companies was their investment in leadership development, including having a model of leadership behaviors to guide decisions on hiring and promotion. These companies experienced close to twice as much revenue growth and profit margin than companies that were less capable in these areas.

David Nillssen, CEO of Guidant Financial and recent graduate of the Achievers seminar, learned a model of leadership behaviors he could take back to his company as a framework for building his people. “In order to scale an organization, build a positive culture, and maximize profits, companies must develop its leaders and emerging talent.  The Bell Leadership Institute is the best program we’ve found for developing leaders and is an integral part of our strategic plan.”

To better serve its growing clientele, Bell Leadership unveiled its upgraded website to help participants register in one click, explore Upcoming Events and Latest News from Bell on the homepage, and log in to their My Bell account, a centralized portal for all their Bell Leadership connections.

Bell Leadership Institute is a recognized leader in executive education and development. Since 1972, Bell Leadership has helped organizations develop leadership mastery through its programs and services.  Its training programs have been used by more than 500,000 leaders in more than 4,700 organizations in over 30 countries.