Bell Leadership Launches New Peak Performance Survey

Chapel Hill, NC – Bell Leadership Institute today announced that it is launching the Bell Peak Performance Profile, a new survey to evaluate an individual’s effectiveness, happiness, and success in the seven major domains of life.  The survey will be used for the first time during the July 17-19 Peak Performance & Complex Lives seminar in Chapel Hill.

The Peak Performance & Complex Lives seminar, now expanded to a three-day format, is recommended for individuals wanting to maximize their personal and professional performance. Designed and delivered by Dr. Gerald D. Bell, founder and CEO of Bell Leadership Institute, the seminar offers advanced strategies for peak performance. Its methods have been used by thousands of top leaders to achieve more significant and lasting contributions, deeper and more meaningful relationships, greater wealth, and true enjoyment in their lives.

Using the data provided by the 360-degree online survey, participants receive an accurate reading on how they are currently operating on the Bell Peak Performance Curve.  These insights are compiled into a comprehensive, confidential report to help each participant build an action plan for achieving and maintaining a high level of performance and productivity. “The world is designed to suck you into the trivia.  Don’t let yourself become nickel-and-dimed by the small things because you’ll miss out on life and success,” said Dr. Bell.

“The content and the presentation of the material were fantastic.  The pre-course work was amazing in building relationships and opening up conversations at a very deep level,” said past seminar participant, Diane Mueller, Heartland Dental.  “This was by far the best course I have ever attended and it will have a profound effect on my life.”

Couples often attend this seminar together.  Working on a joint life plan and understanding your partner’s strengths and weaknesses leads to improved partnerships. “This class is truly a life changing experience.  Dr. Bell is excellent at bringing into focus what makes life truly meaningful,” said Mark Ritchie, former President, Carolina Beverage Corporation.