Bell Leadership Institute Installs Leadership Mastery Series through Leader's Roundtable Program

Chapel Hill, NC – October 4, 2018 Bell Leadership Institute, a recognized leader in leadership training and executive development, is installing its Leadership Mastery Series™ directly in-house through The Leader’s Roundtable format.

The Leader’s Roundtable is an peer council for C-suite and senior leaders, personally designed by Dr. Gerald D. Bell.  The program is recommended to executives from the top three levels of an organization, who have broad management experience and leadership responsibility for multiple employees, and to new generation leaders and high potentials. Dr. Bell states “The most important thing a business can do to become a great company is to put its assets, energy, and time on the most important cause of performance – building great leaders.”

Bell’s Achievers™ program lays the foundation as a kick-off topic and members learn and apply key concepts from programs such as Advanced Communication, The Leader’s Job, Change Leadership and Selecting Achievers. One of the unique aspects of this development program is that it is a small, exclusive group, allowing for sharing of ideas, questions and perspectives in an outside-of-office environment, with peers who can give immediate, valuable feedback and insight. Bell Leadership trainers and coaches provide support, drawing on years of experience with highly-successful leaders.

Companies such as Balfour Beatty US continue to turn to Bell Leadership to deliver this unique leadership development program in-house. John Rankin, Executive Vice President at Balfour Beatty, elaborates “We have piloted this program for our leadership team in 2008.  We have seen immediate results and have since then worked with Bell Leadership in numerous ways.  We are now again collaborating to deliver customized content through Bell Leader’s Roundtable program to a cohort of rising leaders from several divisions to promote their individual growth, as well as foster collaboration and teamwork, ultimately leading to increased effectiveness and results.”

Bell is now also accepting applications for their 26th year of The Leader’s Roundtable, open for enrollment to individuals and teams, and conducted in six two-day sessions spanning the course of the calendar year at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC.

For additional information about installing the Series in companies through the Leader’s Roundtable, as well as the open-enrollment program, please contact Amy Hagen at (919) 967-7904 or complete an online application.

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