Director, Programs and Services
Bell Leader since 2001

Jessica Stansell graduated in 1998 from Presbyterian College with a B.S. in Sociology. Upon moving to the Chapel Hill area, she quickly joined the Bell Leadership Institute team in 2001, beginning her career as Manager of Programs and Services where she focused on open-enrollment seminars. Shortly after, Jess played a key roll in developing and rolling out the Licensed Programs in 2005. She is currently managing the Leader’s Roundtable and all Off-site Programs. Jess loves wearing both hats – meeting and learning about as many clients as she can, as well as handling all the details involved in managing these programs. When not at work Jess enjoys spending time with her husband Blake and three little girls, leading an active lifestyle and traveling to many different places.  Her favorite saying is “Our hands are full, but our hearts are fuller!” 


If I could only pick one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be cheese.  But not stinky or veiny cheese.

My nickname is “shops” because I love to shop.  I can shop anywhere, anytime and for anyone!

My favorite place in the world is “Dawson Creek” – which is also my middle daughter’s namesake!