Pilar Garcia de Paredes is a Trainer at the Bell Leadership Institute where she draws on her experience of working with leaders all around the world to help clients lead like the best. Pilar’s legal background, coupled with her enthusiasm for helping others affect change, makes for the perfect recipe to engage her audience and deliver meaningful insights.

Pilar was born in Cadiz, Spain. She completed her studies in law at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), graduating with honors. She devoted her early career to focusing on conflict resolution for one of Spain´s most recognized law firms. As a member of the Spanish Association, Pilar developed an expertise in international law and the resolution of complex disputes.

She was preparing to become a legal advisor to the Spanish government when she was given the opportunity to grow her career in the US and immerse herself in a new language and culture. Pilar is passionate about helping clients apply practical skills and techniques that lead them to self-discovery and transformational change.

Pilar’s delights are visiting her family in Spain and traveling to new places. She can easily be found walking long hours with her husband in the woods and preparing Spanish dishes in her kitchen.

  • J.D. , cum laude, from The Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) Law School
  • Doctoral Studies, International European Law and Arbitration, from The Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
  • Preparation for Legal Service to the Spanish Government

Fun Facts About Pilar

My farthest trip was actually to the US from Spain. My whole family went together to do a tour in the East Coast. We were amazed by the height of the New York skyscrapers, the history of Boston and the beauty of Maine and its nature. I would have never imagined that a few years later I would end up living here!
Although I have lived in different cities in Spain, I was born in a very cute town in the south called Cadiz. It is also well known as ‘little Havana.’ A fun anecdote is that when Pierce Brosnan was walking in Havana in the movie Die Another Day, it was not Havana…
I definitely would be a dolphin! Dolphins have a great sense of community. They travel and live in groups and they build long-lasting relationships. In addition, dolphins know how to have fun. This is a style of life we support at Bell Leadership.

A good fire with a cup of hot chocolate on the mountains and a relaxing morning walk on the beach is my ideal.

There are so many…but if I have to pick I would say “People would do better if they knew better.” This underlines the importance of continuous learning and growing to reach our full potential.