A Week in Review at The Bell Leadership Institute

This week we went coast to coast with our leadership training and ended with a surprise for one of our teammates!!

Take a look:

DR. BELL – Executive Coaching in Chapel Hill, NC and Executive Communication in Raleigh, NC

ELIZABETH GULLEDGEAchievers in Greenville, NC

DANA LEBO, Executive Coaching in Chapel Hill, NC

JON PLAYER – Achievers Kick Off in Charlotte, NC

BILL SANFORD – Change Leadership & Teamwork in San Jose, CA and Strategic Planning in Omaha, NE


Thursday evening the team surprised Davis Craig, our Manager of Assessments and Services, with a “Dude Shower” to celebrate his upcoming wedding.









Looking forward to Advanced Communication in Chapel Hill, NC next week.

Don’t forget Duke vs. UNC Saturday night. Who will you be routing for?