Bell Leadership Announces Its 25th Year-Long Leader's Roundtable

Chapel Hill, NC — In January 2009, Bell Leadership Institute will launch its 25 th Leader’s Roundtable, a year-long course of study designed to assist CEOs, presidents, and senior level executives in becoming world-class leaders. Over the last two decades, Dr. Gerald D. Bell, CEO and Founder of Bell Leadership Institute and a professor at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, has personally conducted these courses on the principles of leadership. Members of his Leader’s Roundtable meet 12 days during the course of the year to learn from this renowned leadership expert. During each meeting Dr. Bell presents key advanced leadership concepts; the group then works together to analyze their own business cases and apply to their own companies the leadership principles they’ve just learned.

The benefits can be seen in every aspect of a leader’s life. Robert Pasin, Chief Wagon Officer at Radio Flyer, says, ‘The Roundtable was a life-changing experience for me. Not only did it help me become a better leader, but also a better husband, father, and friend.” He went through the program several years ago, and continues to send his top executives.

The Roundtable members find that networking with others who are experiencing the same issues is an invaluable bonus. They have been known to keep in touch with each other for years. Kris Carroll, President of Grady-White Boats, who feels that her Roundtable experience has had a lasting, positive impact on her and her company, says “Dr. Bell’s advanced leadership training, coupled with the influence of our roundtable colleagues, significantly broadened our business perspectives and encouraged our personal commitment to excellence.”

Each month, members of the Leader’s Roundtable find the time they need to plan and build their companies. They come to understand the importance of building themselves first. Dr. Bell teaches that individuals become effective leaders by understanding themselves, developing their personal strengths, and managing and reducing their weaknesses. It is precisely this knowledge and ability that ignites the motivation in others. Dr. Bell stresses, “To become an extraordinary leader, you must build your own personality skills. This comes first. You must become the example and your employees will follow. No shortcuts, no magic, no easy formula.”

Dr. Bell has seen this principle proven time and again during his over 40 years of work with some of the best leaders in the world. He acknowledges that great leadership doesn’t come easily. No one is perfect, he says. “The secret is seeking mastery.”

Bell’s Four Laws of Leadership

  • Great Leaders Build Great Companies.
  • Build yourself first.
  • Build your people so they can build your business
  • Build commitment: Lead vs. manage.

Applications are now being accepted for The Leader’s Roundtable beginning in January 2009 – a rare professional opportunity to work with and learn from a group of peers outside your business or industry. Please contact Bell Leadership Institute at 919.967.7904, or visit the website at www.bellleadership.comto learn more about The Leader’s Roundtable and other programs and services.

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